the Eco Shower

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Eco Shower | GIZUPP
You’ve probably gotten used to the low water pressure in your shower, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. We have a solution!

The Eco Shower shower head is designed with special mineral balls that purify the water. Removing all bacterias and heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine & fluoride, and various impurities. Making your hair and skin squeaky clean and as vibrant as possible and resulting in improved circulation, immunity, energy levels, mental clarity & overall wellness. It is equipped with 180 tiny laser-cut water holes, resulting in luxurious high-pressure water while still looking after the environment by saving as much as 35% water.

Thanks to its Award-Winning design with individual mineral balls, it purifies the water and makes your hair and skin look as vibrant as possible. The Negative Ion Mineral Balls of this Eco Shower reduce fatigue, eliminates flaky skin, & improves hydration & cell regeneration.

Eco Shower | GIZUPPEco Shower | GIZUPPEco Shower | GIZUPPEco Shower | GIZUPP
🌊HIGH PRESSURE & WATER SAVING: Delivers high-pressure water-saving performance, to 30% less water and up to a 200% increase in water flow.
🚿3 SHOWER MODES: Rainfall, Massage, and Jetting with 3 layers of filters in the Shower Head to Get a Spa-like experience at home. Designed with LUV Current-limiting technology.
⚗️POWERFUL FILTRATION SYSTEM: Negative ion mineral balls effectively remove chlorine, fluoride and soften hard water, leaving your skin and hair soft and smooth. Purifying water invigorates the senses, reduces stress, and improves mood & sleep quality.
🛀STANDARD SIZE: Easy to install, general size G1/2’’ fits any standard size hose. without tools or a handyman, allows you to install the showerhead as easily and freely as screwing in a bulb by yourself.
⛔️NEGATIVE ION TECHNOLOGY: Softens and purifies shower water to eliminate dry, flaky skin. Make your skin and hair smoother and softer.
🦾SOLID AND DURABLE DESIGN: Solid build, No leaks. The design of a transparent high-density filter is easy to disassemble and clean.
🔧EASY INSTALLATION: Connect to any Standard Hose in Seconds, and You're Ready To Go.


  • ABS plastic
  • Single head
Head Shape:
  • Round
Total Length:
  • 245mm
Head Panel Diameter:
  • 80mm
  • x1 Eco Shower