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Super Abs Pack Stimulator

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Super Abs Pack Stimulator | GIZUPP

The Super Abs Pack Stimulator’s revolutionary construction features carefully pre-positioned, premium gel pads that cover your abdominals, including your external obliques.

During your abdominal toning session, The Super Abs Pack Stimulator sends electrical signals straight to nerves located beneath and around the gel pads.

This “electrical stimulation” of the nerves extends to every single stomach muscle, triggering natural muscle contractions. The result is all abdominal muscles are worked at the same time for a total ab workout.
Super Abs Pack Stimulator | GIZUPPSuper Abs Pack Stimulator | GIZUPPSuper Abs Pack Stimulator | GIZUPPSuper Abs Pack Stimulator | GIZUPPSuper Abs Pack Stimulator | GIZUPPSuper Abs Pack Stimulator | GIZUPP
👌🏽Perfect for your abs and arm muscles training
🧗🏻Achieve your ideal figure anytime and anywhere.
🏋🏻The relieving symptom for tighten shoulder, waist, and back
🔉The low-frequency treatment is by rhythm and soft impetus
💪🏼Muscle stimulation fat burning, muscle build, for fitness shape.
🤘🏼Upgrade 8-point pad, more comprehensive and more balanced
🛏Betterment of muscular paralysis. Build muscle, obtain fitness shape, keep fit.
🎈It's light and portable. You can do muscle training in office, bedroom, or any place you want, not just in the gym.
🧻The soft design of the patch with the skin perfect fit. The pad derive is odorless,and no harm to your skin.
🤸🏻Just attach it to your body one time per day, easily achieve your exercise target by using daily time, convenient, and practical.

  • ABS + PC
Operation Method:
  • Belt Type
  • Electric Pulse Treatment Massager
Fit For:
  • Home, office, or outdoor Fitness
  • Electric Pulse Treatment Massager
Powered By:
  • 2 AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
Operating Mode:
  • 6 different massage modes
  • x1 Super Abs Pack Stimulator