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Cryogen Air Cooler

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Our Cryogen Air Cooler is a portable aircon for personal usage. It boasts quick cooling and wide-angle wind feature, the air purifying ability to remove negative ion PM2.5 makes it worth every penny. Meanwhile, there are 3-speed options for different cooling needs. Also, the handle feature allows you to move it easily.

Air Cooler 1 | GIZUPP
🧊 FAST COOLING DOWN: The Cryogen Air Cooler pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter to create your personal space with both humidified and cool air.
♻️ AIR STERILIZER AND PURIFICATION: Purifying air closely, Let this portable AC unit turn your warm personal space into a cooler and more refreshing atmosphere. Enjoy a healthier room environment with cool and humidified air produced in no time. This mini ac performs best within 6 feet distance.
👜 PORTABLE HANDLE: Portable design, small size, you can easily carry it out, very suitable for homes, offices, outdoor picnics, etc. In summer, just press the switch to enjoy the air-cool, is your summer life's best partner.
🌲 ECO-FRIENDLY & ENERGY SAVING: Low Energy Consumption same as the power consumption of a light bulb, uses no freon, much cheaper than running a freon air conditioner on Hot Summer Days. No blades exposed no possibility to hurt people and totally safe for use by kids or pets.

Air Cooler 1 | GIZUPPAir Cooler 1 | GIZUPPAir Cooler 1 | GIZUPPAir Cooler 1 | GIZUPP
  • Plastic
  • 190x152x160mm / 7.48x5.98x6.3inch
Battery Voltage:
  • 3.7V
Input Voltage / Current:
  • DC5V / 1000mah
Output Power:
  • 4w
Charging Time:
  • 3 hours
Battery Capacity:
  • 2000mAh
  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • x1 Cryogen Air Cooler
  • x1 USB charging cable
  • x1 Water storage bottle
  • x1 User manual