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Our ExfoFace facial cleanser is the ultimate facial cleansing brush. The ultra-soft silicone brush gently deep cleans your face while the vibrations help to recharge skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles!

It features a silicone facial cleansing massage with adjustable sonic intensities for a fully customizable and realistic Spa-like experience.

VIBRATION FUNCTION: Deep vibrations help bring oxygen to the blood flow, increasing collagen, for an amazing glow helping to exfoliate and soften the skin.
ULTRASONIC PULSATION: It deep cleans and exfoliates 99% of dirt and impurities while being 35X more hygienic than your standard bristled facial-cleansing brushes or your hands!
EFFECTIVE AND SAFE: The ExfoFace is waterproof and uses innovative technology which is designed to minimize skin irritation.
SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPE: The fine bristles allow for minimal irritation and are effective for nearly all skin types.
MULTIPLE SPEED SETTINGS: The ExfoFace has a selection of vibration speeds to suit the needs of everyone.
EASY TO USE: Healthy, smooth skin is easily attainable by implementing the ExfoFace into a skincare routine.
CONVENIENT: It is compact & portable making it very easy to take on road trips and vacations.

ExfoFace | GIZUPPExfoFace | GIZUPP
  • Food grade silicone
  • 90mm X 74mm X 30mm
  • 68g
Vibration Frequency:
  • x12000/min
Working Voltage:
  • 5v
  • x1 ExfoFace