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Wipe Out Cleaning Kit

  • מכירה
  • €19,99
  • מחיר רגיל €39,99

Most eyeglass cleaners require sprays, microfiber cloths, or saturated toilettes that can get messy and wasteful.

Wipe Out Cleaning Kit uses a dry, unique, invisible carbon cleaning compound (that recharges with every use) and a dry-clean technology that’s also used onboard the Space Station by NASA to clean glass! to safely and easily clean your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils.

⚙️ UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY: The Wipe Out Cleaning Kit t is an efficient and durable ground-breaking carbon microfiber tech that cleans all glasses
👍 EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE: A very effective dry-clean technology, substance-free, that is also used in space by NASA to clean glass
🩹 SAFE TO USE: It won’t damage the special coating of the eyeglass lens. Safe technology for designer glasses as well as normal reading glasses.
👓 A BETTER VIEW: Leaves your glasses and sunglasses free of any residue, including fingerprints, streaks, smudges, and more!

Scratch Remover | UBERTECH
Material: ABS
Size: 9.5cm X 3cm
Color/s: Black, White, Gold

x1 Wipe Out Cleaning Kit