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Road Blaze

  • מכירה
  • €29,99
  • מחיר רגיל €59,99

The Road Blaze is a MUST in your car toolbox

Our Road Blazes are designed with safety in mind. Essentially, they prevent accidents during a car breakdown, and as a nighttime flare light so loved ones and local authorities can find you, can be used out on the water for boating emergencies, here are some of the features of this useful tool for automobile owners.

🚨 BRIGHT LEDS - The Road Blazes warning lights feature a super bright red/orange LED light for extra visibility, It can be seen up to 1 mile at night and radiate outward 360 degrees to warn other drivers on the road to slow down and approach safely. Protect yourself and your loved ones!

🚒 5 DIFFERENT EMERGENCY FLASHING MODES - Each LED Safety flare light has 5 flashing modes for different SOS rescue signals both for marine and road emergency use.


🌊 WATERPROOF, CRUSHPROOF & MAGNETIC - Each LED road flare disk is coated with waterproofing IP67 rated material to keep the electronics safe. These roadside safety lights are made of super strong industrial engineering plastic and ABS, our roadside flare can bear a 30 ton vehicle.

Color Orange
Material ABS
מידה 10,7*3,3cm
Light Source 13 + 3 super bright LED lights
Powered by 3x AAA batteries (not included)


Package Includes
1x Road Blaze