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Eye Spa 4D

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This stress relief Eye Spa 4D can give your eyes much-needed relaxation anytime, anywhere. This eye massaging machine uses heat technology to warm up the entire eye area and effectively massages it. This reduces excess strain from the eyes and helps in relieving soreness, dullness, or pain from that region.

The Eye Spa 4D is durable, features a sturdy built, and is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery so you can recharge the device when needed. Whether you have been wearing glasses for long or not, this device will reduce puffiness around your eyes and relax all the muscles in and around the area.

FUTURISTIC DESIGN WITH BUILT-IN BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: It features a built-in Bluetooth that allows you to connect your phone so that you can listen to some calming music while you give your eyes a rest. It has been specially designed to optimize your comfort level and deliver impressive results.
ON THE GO: Bring it wherever you go since it is lightweight and features a foldable design. You can easily fold it up and pack it with the rest of your stuff as it will not take up much space. Now you can relax your eyes whenever and wherever you want.
INTELLIGENT HEAT TECHNOLOGY: The Eye Spa 4D gently delivers heat at two intensity levels that range from 100.4°F - 107°F. This warms your muscles and relaxes them effectively. It also ensures that all the acupoints that surround the eyes and the temples are massaged efficiently to release any form of stress and pressure from them. Also, it ideally increases blood circulation in the facial area.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The integrated nasal design and 180° adjustable feature fits all facial contours and rests above your nose so that it remains uncovered to keep your comfort in mind.
MADE FROM THE BEST MATERIALS: Uses fine grade ABS with soft flannelette material to cushions the eyes and uniformly radiates heat to the entire area. It also sustains frequent folds and unfolds so you won’t have to worry about its durability.
EASY TO USE AND CONVENIENT: It only requires to be charged and used so you do not have to use batteries to power it. Simply start it up, select the heat mode and place it over your eyes and relax your head. The device will automatically switch off after every 15 minutes so that even if you fall asleep with it on, the device is smart enough to not overheat.

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  • 22cm X 15cm X 10cm
  • 280g
  • Lithium
Battery Capacity:
  • 1600mAh
  • ABS
Vibration Frequency:
  • 60-80 times per second
Charging method:
  • USB
  • x1 Eye Spa 4D